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This is an excerpt from a note I wrote to someone else who has an…

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This is an excerpt from a note I wrote to someone else who has an eating disorder and won't shut up about the MAD HATE she has for her boobs. But I like it and want to read it myself:

"I don't always feel great about my boobs, or my belly, or my arms or anything. But. I love my kids (students) fiercely, naturally, to the point where I would do anything in my power to give them, the opportunities I believe that they deserve; I evaluate my decisions and fight to do the right thing in my life; I can get through to people and get them to open up, even when they may be afraid; I can make almost anyone laugh, including myself; I've written some really good poems, I have really good ideas, and I learn and understand things like a tiger mauling prey -- and once something matters to me, I will accomplish it. So really, I can be those things (in my mind) or I can be the girl with the nasty tits who could stand to tone up a little. And if I really am both things, why focus on that second one?

I just think it is helpful to remember that we do have power over what we zero in on. And we may feel like we deserve to pick at our insecurities and allow them to steal our lives -- but who, exactly, benefits from that? And who would be hurt if we just let go of it and thought about something else?"

In other news: I am in at A&M. So, you know. Iamsplendid.
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On January 29th, 2007 03:32 pm (UTC), empanda commented:
that's a fantastic post.
A, congrats on coming back to theory world
B, sometimes its really important for ALL people to remember that we do do some things right, even if there are others things that are a bit crappy about ourselves. rock on. thanks for reminding me.
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