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I went to college for four years so I would not have to do any goddamn data entry. so I would not have to coordinate any fucking spreadsheets or go after people for their fucking homework charts. I fucking hate homework charts, I fucking hate teamwork, I want to teach kids and not have to fucking make any more homework charts ever. I DO NOT LIKE ADMINISTRATION WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS HOLY WOULD I WANT AN ADMINISTRATIVE POSITION???????

I also hate judgmental lesbians who try and tell me what time to go to bed and generally piss me off with their voices and their judgment and their never having sex with anyone, and their telling me to go to the gym when what I want to do is get drunk, and their total antagonism of everything in me that is petty, and their general antagonism, to the point where I suspect that I will spend this morning having spiteful rape fantasies while I try and teach kids algebra. kincky, ass-pounding, tied-up-with-duck-tape-and-gang-banged-by-flesh-and-blood-penii fantasies, because god. damn. pissed OFF.

I do not want to have to run any stupid stations with these stupid people, I barely want to look at them, and I do not like having to spend my vacation making stupid fucking hoemwork charts, and I am never living at my goddamn job again. I needed to not spend last night feeling guilty.

okay. I feel more sedate now. I want to be in NOLA, or Philly, or Blatimore, or DC. I HATE data collection. the data doesn't mean a goddman thing because the people DO NOT EVEN FILL IN THE CHARTS CORRECTLY!
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On February 26th, 2007 05:09 pm (UTC), wes_fenza commented:
Oh, man, I have the most administrative job in the world. Good thing I'm going to law school...

Also, glad to hear we may be able to judge each other in person soon.
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